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In order to optimize each e-mail broadcast, it is important to choose the right words that you will insert in the ?From? line and in the “Subject” line of your message. They have to get the recipient?s attention and to encourage him to open your message. Your document designed in an appropriate manner will guide your potential client towards your Web site or a request for additional information.

While you create your HTML page, it is essential to place hyperlinks (similar or different) at several places on the document; this way, you make sure that the access to your Web site is simple, easy and fast.

If you want to promote several products and services with the same e-mail, it is strongly recommended to link each product or service with an hyperlink which will lead the recipient to a precise page on your Web site for additional information. This will enable the Net surfer to go further in its information query, simply and effectively.

The frequency of an e-mail broadcast constitutes a very important criterion of its success, more than for any other form of direct marketing. Indeed, this media have undoubtedly a substantial and almost instantaneous impact, but its effect lasts only a few days. This is why it is necessary to support your promotions by several broadcasts in a relatively short interval. In this manner, you will maximize the response rate of the database used, while carrying out an excellent branding of your organization.

The e-mail content can be rather elaborate. We know however that a too long message will discourage the reader to go further on in getting the information. It is thus preferable to place hyperlinks which will enable him to visit easily the pages that he wants.
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