Title: Mozilla Firefox Overview of A Decade

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The Mozilla Firefox web browser has taken the previously dormant browsing market by storm and woken the slumbering giant Microsoft. The Mozilla browser now owns 15-20% of the browser market and continues to grow as the default alternative to IE.

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Without a doubt Mozilla Firefox is the most favorite browser in the world at this moment, but this was not always the case, there were times when there were not a lot of options in terms of web browsers and the choices were limited to Netscape navigator and Internet explorer but that has all changed in the last decade with Mozilla gaining quick ground and fast becoming the most user-friendly and technically advanced web browser.

Not many realize but on 31st march 2008 Mozilla completed its 10th anniversary, 31/3/1998 the date of official release of Mozilla, on this date the first code of Mozilla became available as an open source to general public, 10 years ago this was a huge step, when most of the corporate giants were looking for monopolizing the market with their products, here was a new organization that one day hoped to make it big with their open source code product.
It was not that this was the first such idea to come about, there were success stories of Linux and BSD OS to count on and that was perhaps the inspiration for Mozilla Firefox.
What?s so great about Mozilla is that it granted an open license, so that people could use or modify the code as required to create something new, this at the very inception was thought to be a suicidal step but in hindsight perhaps it turned out to be the biggest plus point of this browser.
Many inputs and modifications were made to the original code to achieve what we know of Mozilla today, what started out as an idea 10 years ago, has shown the world the power of small ideas and how everything great is just an idea at its very inception.
During its first decade Mozilla not only broke many notions like an open source cannot work, or doubts on quality of an open source product versus a closed source code product kept under legal wraps, limited popularity of something developed using such a code. It has today become the choice of over 170 million netizens laying to death any doubts and apprehensions that were associated with open source products, It is the biggest most comprehensive and technologically advanced project that?s open source.
It has time and again set in newer standards in the technology of web browsers be it proxy settings or tabbed browsing etc to name a few.
It has set the standards for what a web browser should have, and how to make it more user friendly, in terms of customization of looks or integrated search box, what Mozilla Firefox has done today the so called major corporations have followed tomorrow. Mozilla has been more secure than its nearest rival, not to mention the various plug-ins and other enhancements that have been developed by coders and programmers to make Mozilla the most customizable web browser ever, and all this has become possible because of its open source license!
Incase you still do not have Mozilla Firefox I strongly suggest you download Firefox right now it will make a world of difference to your browsing experience.
Mozilla has always been about transparency and it has always stood by people coaxing them to think and visualize big for visions do come true.

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